Process capability

The process capability is a measurable property of a process to the specification, expressed as a process capability index (e.g., Cpk or Cpm). The output of this measurement is usually illustrated by a chronological control sample, histogram and calculations that predict how many parts will be produced out of specification (OOS).
Here you get this free process capability template 20170716.xlsm to calculate all process capability figures you need.

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process capability excel template 20150102.png

process capability excel template 20150102.png

The calculation procedures refer to this books:

Understanding Statistical Process Control

SPC Simplified: Practical Steps to Quality

Quality Control for Dummies

If you want to to have a more scientific look on process control you can check this discussion in the minitab blog. Another way is to look on the homepage of ASQ.

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Business CasePareto Prinzipg 80/20 Regel Excel IconZ Wert Tabelle Excel Icon
Change ManagementPareto Diagramm Excel IconKonfidenzintervall Excel Icon
Six Sigma OrganisationBoxplot Diagramm Excel IconUrsache Wirkungs Diagramm Excel Icon
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Projektabgrenzung Excel IconProzesskennzahlen Excel IconZeitanalyse Excel Icon
Kick offOEE Gesamtanlagen- effektivität Excel Icon
Sipoc Excel Icon
Messsystemanalyse Verfahren 1
+ Messsystemanalyse Verfahren 2 -> -> Messsystem fähig?
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-> Messsystem Analyse Verfahren 3
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Projektplan Excel Icon
Messwert normalverteilt Anderson Darling Excel Icon
+ Wahrschein-lichkeitsnetz Excel Icon
+ Histogramm Excel Icon-> Prozess / Maschine fähig? cp / cpk ausreichend? Excel Icon
-> SPC Statistische Prozesskontrolle Excel Icon
7 Arten der VerschwendungPaarweiser Vergleich Nutzwert Analyse Excel IconSpaghetti Diagramm Excel Icon
5S MethodeEPEI Every part every interval Excel IconWertstromanalyse Symbole Excel Icon
Little's Law Excel IconYamazumi chart Yamazumi board Excel IconWertstromanalyse Excel Icon
10er Regel der Fehlerkosten
Green Belt Black Belt Black Belt Zertifizierung
Excel Funktionen
Excel dynamisches Diagramm Zeichnen in Excel

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