Six Sigma Software Sigmaflow

Six sigma software sigmaflow ist eine Software zur Erarbeitung von Six Sigma Projekten


With Insights, methodologies can be directly embedded into the solution – including any organization-specific customizations, references and practices. Insights can be used to support the broad scope of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Available out-of-the-box solutions include:

  • DMAIC template (includes four-week DMAIC training materials and examples)
  • Lean Event ‘Kaizen’ Workshop
  • IPEC Template (Incorporates PMI PMBOK and Prince2 bodies of knowledge, tasks, and tools.)

Project Selection

Project selection with Top Down Strategic Alignment reduces the administrative efforts in Project Selection by streamlining the idea capture, evaluation, and prioritization. Insights has the unique benefits of:

  • Anyone in the company can submit a project idea (including non-users)
  • Ideas are able to be evaluated by Strategic Fit
  • The Benefit vs. Effort Bubble Chart Compares and Prioritizes the Ideas
  • Approval notifications, alerts, and audit trail aid suggestion evaluators and submitters

Project Execution

Task-specific guidance and tools improve each user’s self-sufficiency. This reduces hand-off delays, and virtually eliminates rework loops. Customers attribute Insights to a 25% reduction in project cycle time with six sigma software sigmaflow. Additional project execution benefits include:

  • Improve project cycle time: by enabling more tasks to be performed in parallel, improving hand-off efficiency and reducing time lost to rework
  • Forecast resource schedules across multiple projects, (without requiring users to fill out time sheets)
  • ‘One-Click’ Status Report (a variety of formatting options are available)
  • Efficient Tollgate reviews, via approval workflow, and complete access to task deliverables
  • Individual configurability of information presentation, reports, and dashboard components
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5S MethodeEPEI Every part every interval Excel IconWertstromanalyse Symbole Excel Icon
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